Announcing PSI’s 500 GHz Modulator

PSI is proud to announce the worlds first lithium niobate electro-optical modulator operational to greater than 500GHz based on advanced lithium niobate on insulator (LNOI) technology. By tightly confining and matching the optical mode and the co-propagating E-field, we were able to achieve ultra-low half-wave voltage and 500GHz continuous operational frequency range, which is only limited by testing capability.


The high EO conversion efficiency, broad operational bandwidth and inherent superior material properties such as high optical power handling capability and high linearity make the PSI LNOI modulator ideal for tomorrow’s analog photonic and 5G applications.



Stop by our IMS booth (962) for more information.

Cross-sectional schematic of the modulator’s interaction region

Normalized optical modulation spectra of a 1550 nm optical carrier modulated up to 500 GHz (only one sideband is shown)