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About PSI

About PSI

Phase Sensitive Innovations (PSI) is a privately owned company specializing in millimeter wave (mmW) imaging technology, systems and components.
While our company started in 2007, our story began much earlier in a research laboratory at the University of Delaware. Key research findings coupled with the team’s vision to bring our cutting edge technology to market led us to form Phase Sensitive Innovations.

Millimeter-wave imaging has the unique potential to penetrate through poor weather and atmospheric obscurants to create high-resolution ’see-through’ images. In pursuit of this goal, we were able to create a prototype of a passive imaging system based on optical upconversion techniques. This first success encouraged us to take our research further and outline the strategy for developing a mmW imaging system unlike anything on the market today, namely a small, lightweight, and low power system. To date, we have been able to address our systems’ challenges using either commercially available photonic devices, or by developing our own components in our facilities.

We are currently developing a state-of-the-art imaging system that provides what no other system on the market is capable of today: seeing through brownout conditions in realtime with a two-dimensional (2D) system form factor. Currently, flight instruments and radar systems are not capable of assisting pilots to see through thick clouds of blinding dust when landing in the desert.

With the commercial availability of our imaging system, aircraft pilots are not the only ones to benefit from our technology. With further research and development, our technology can be customized and form-fitted to address the demands from various other applications.

Our Mission

To produce high-quality, reliable millimeter wave imaging and communications systems and photonic components that serve to fuel the growing 5G Cellular, Communications, Radar and Vision Enhancement markets.

Products and Services


Phase Sensitive Innovations leverages years of research and development in RF Photonics to bring several discrete components to market. Below are our standard offerings, for custom solutions tailored to your individual needs, browse our Services or Contact us directly with queries.


Our experience in the mmW and RF Photonic fields is utilized in building out full systems to address needs across many fields. Below are some of the various systems that we have qualified against real world scenarios across various field tests.


PSI has developed and honed skills across multiple disciplines and is positioned to provide services for design, packaging, integration, characterization, simulation and testing. If you have RF or Optical needs, PSI has novel solutions awaiting your problem. Below are some of the many specific services that we provide. Contact us for these or any custom service that you may require.

  • RF Integration and Packaging
  • RF Characterization
  • SiGe Design
  • mmW Phenomenology/Simulation/Testing
  • RF Photonic Component Design
  • Custom Optical Assemblies
  • High Frequency Antenna Design