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High-Speed Photodiodes

Product Overview

Our high-speed Uni-Traveling Carrier (UTC) Photodetector products offer world leading power handling capability and linearity. They are ideal for RF photonic links, photonically generated RF signals and high-speed, high-linearity photodetection.

Key Product Features

  • High 3dB Bandwidth: from 1 to 100GHz
  • High power: up to 140mA depending on the Photodiode selection
  • High linearity: IP3 > 30dBm


  • RF Photonic links
  • Photonic RF generation
  • High-speed Photodetection
  • Multimode Photodetection
  • Microwave Photonic Links


Product Series Operating Wavelength(nm) Bandwidth(GHz) Responsivity(A/W)1 Voltage (V)2 IP3 (dBm)
C-Band 1000nm C-band 1000nm Min Max
Min Max Min Max
D4 1530 1565 NA NA 25 0.4 NA -5 -8 >31
D13 1530 1565 980 1100 40 0.4 0.35 -4 -6 >32
DF 1530 1565 NA NA 100 0.2 NA -2 -4 >33
1 Responsivity is measured at specific bias condition and at 10mW photocurrent
2 Optimal bias point depends on the PD size. Please refer to detailed product manual