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RF Design and Consulting


PSI offers custom RF solutions over an ultra-wideband (UWB) spectrum from microwave to mmW (300GHz) frequencies. Service includes RF and mmW device modelling, package design and  prototyping transmit/receive array solutions.

Capabilities and Services

  • UWB phased array antenna
  • High frequency printed circuit board design and layout
  • Unique mmW packaging design
  • Custom RF design for electro-optic and optic-electric devices
  • mmW amplifier and phase shifter design using SiGe technologies


  • Full suite of industry standard high-frequency electromagnetic simulation analysis and design tools
  • Integrated design environment involving RF design, board layout, and packaging design
  • Broadband test equipment capable of chip, device, subsystem, and end-to-end system test for rapid prototyping

Previous Custom Work

  • Conformal UWB phased array antenna, Photonically driven UWB antenna array, 3D printed mmW antenna, K-band mmW and mmW low noise amplifier packaging design, 40GHz bias-Tee, W-band continually tunable W-band phase shifter