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High-Speed Photodiodes

Our high-speed UTC photodiode products offer world leading power handling capability and linearity. They are ideal for RF photonic links, photonic RF generation and high-speed, high-linearity photodetection.

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Lithium Niobate Phase Modulators

Our ultra-high-speed Lithium Niobate phase modulators together with a traveling-wave design and an advanced index-matching technologies enable optical response over the entire millimeter-wave spectrum (up to 500 GHz). We provide a standard modulator package, as well as customized modulator chips, packages and services for integration of modulators and RF amplifiers.

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High-Speed RF Link

Utilizing our industry-leading modulator and photodiode technologies, our link products offer broadband, high-fidelity, point-to-point analog signal connection over long distance. They are ideal for commercial and military applications where high performance is required under limited SWaP and harsh environment.

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Wideband RF Signal Synthesizers

PSI offers a novel tunable optical paired source (TOPS) system that provides two optical phase coherent signals to support photonically-enabled RF signal generation over very broad bandwidths (1 – 100 GHz). The high-performance RF generation capabilities are suitable for a wide variety of analog and digital RF photonic applications.

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