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RF Test and Characterization


PSI is capable of RF test and measurement of a large variety of devices with operating frequencies ranging from DC to 1Terahertz. PSI has experience measuring amplifiers, splitters/combiners, filters, phase shifters, modulators, photodiodes, and antennas. Our capabilities include manual and automated data collection for fully characterizing performance at multiple bias levels or configurations. Once characterized, these devices have then gone on to be standalone products or as parts of larger systems.

Capabilities and Services

  • Support for a variety of connector types such as SMA, 2.92, 2.4, 1.85, 1mm, and a variety of rectangular waveguides
  • RF probe testing in GSG and SG configuration from 100 um pitch to 900 um pitch
  • Anechoic chamber for far-field free space measurement
  • Time domain analysis (TDA)
  • Automated collection of insertion loss/gain and input/output reflected power
  • Dielectric constant (loss tangent) measurements
  • S-parameter measurements up to and beyond 1THz


  • RF link characterization
  • Antenna characterization and tuning
  • Substrate integrated devices
  • Device fault location along signal path using time domain analysis