Video Rate mmW Imager

Located between the microwave and infrared section of the electromagnetic spectrum, millimeter waves are electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths in the range 10mm to 1mm (with corresponding frequencies of 30 to 300GHz). Because of their high frequency and propagation characteristics, millimeter waves have shown to be suitable for numerous applications including: wireless communications, all weather remote sensing, atmospheric radiometry, monitoring of forest fires and active volcanoes, advanced plasma diagnostics, and many more.

Our research and experimentation on the mmWave spectrum led us to the design of a light weight, two-dimensional prototype imaging system that can do what visible or infrared imaging systems cannot: see through clouds, fog, smoke and ‘brownout’ conditions or sandstorms.

PSI’s technology is being developed to give pilots the ability to see through brownout conditions.

With PSI’s mmW technology available, fire and rescue operations will be much safer.

Systems that are smaller in size, sharper in resolution, longer in range, and lower in cost are the ultimate goal of our ongoing effort. Our clients are looking for imaging solutions that will more effectively address:

  • Harbor navigation in dense fog
  • Aircraft landing in “brownout” conditions (dust clouds)
  • Commercial aircraft landing and taking off in harsh weather, particularly dense fog
  • Emergency personnel tracking during fire and rescue operations
  • Non-intrusive portal security (airport screenings as well as security in government buildings, sports arenas, etc)
  • All day, all weather surveillance.

Being able to see through fog, clouds, smoke and sandstorms is just half of the battle. The other half consists of bringing to market a solution that is truly scalable, affordable and practical. Though there has been significant progress in the mmW technology research field, most solutions offered today are still too costly and impractical for large scale implementations. For this reason, our research and development is focused on a scalable solution that can fit the needs of any application.

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