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High-Speed RF Link

Product Overview

In addition to electro-optic modulators and Photodetector technologies, PSI offers RF photonic link products that offer broadband, high fidelity, point-to-point analog signal connection over long distance. They are ideal for commercial and military applications where high performance is required under limited SWaP and harsh environment.

Key Product Features

  • Up to 40GHz bandwidth (can be customized for banded solution)
  • Tunable positive link gain up to 10dB
  • <15 dB noise figure
  • >110 dB-Hz2/3 3rd order limited spurious free dynamic range (SFDR)
  • Rugged link chassis and environment qualified components
  • Available in 3 form factors to suit a variety of applications:
    • Rugged multi-channel chassis and transmitter box
    • Rugged single-channel chassis and compact transmitter
    • Non-rugged OEM (for embedding in custom products and subsystems)


  • Antenna remoting
  • RF over fiber
  • Microwave photonic system

Key Product Specifications

Product Series Bandwidth(GHz) Nominal Link Gain(dB) Link NF (dB) 3rd Order Limited SFDR(dB-Hz2/3 Control Mode Tx Environmental Qualification
N40 40 >0 <25 >110 Auto Quad No
N40 Sub-Octave >10 <15 >110 Auto Low No
B1840 18-40 >0 <30 >110 Auto Quad -55C to 85C