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Integrated Photonics Development Services


PSI offers a full suite of photonic integrated circuit (PIC) capabilities to support design, simulation, layout, packaging and testing. With expertise and access to high performance photonic simulation software, we can provide PIC design and simulation catered to your application. We have extensive experience with multi-project wafer submissions including physical design and layout according to foundry design rules. We have developed an infrastructure with best-in-class equipment for characterizing die-level and packaged PICs. Allow our talented and experienced engineers to help you with any portion of your next PIC development



  • Photonic Device Design and Simulation
  • PIC Schematic Design and Simulation
  • PIC Physical Design and Layout
  • DRC
  • Multi-Product Wafer Submission

Key Capabilities

  • Optical characterization at C-band and L-band
  • Probing for Electrical and RF Die-level Characterization
  • High Frequency Analog and RF Die-level Characterization
  • Probing for electrical and RF die-level characterization