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Millimeter Wave Imaging

Passive Millimeter Wave Imaging: PSI has successfully demonstrated several passive mmW imaging systems in field- and flight-tests. They have been shown the ability to detect concealed objects with very high accuracy. The current system offers a noise equivalent temperature (NETD) of 0.5K at a frame rate of 30Hz. Figure 2 below shows the successful demonstration of identifying two people located behind a 0.5” plywood wall.

The system shown below uses passive RF signals (generated from blackbody radiation) to see-through many different material types, environmental conditions and obscurants. It can also be used to image active signals from remote sources thereby providing RF situational awareness with instant geo-location of all RF emitters within its operational frequency range and field-of-regard.

A 396 channel mmW passive imaging system

Through-wall imaging of people using distributed millimeter wave imaging system