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mmW Phased Array Communication

Phased Array Transmit and Receivers: PSI has developed its up-conversion technology for mobile communications, where complex RF signals can be “seen” with unique spatial and spectral processing over an ultra-wide band (UWB) frequency. The imaging-based optical up-conversion process can be used in both transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) phased arrays and is particularly well suited for massive-MIMO (Multiple-input, Multiple-output) owing to its ability to provide precise spatial and spectral control over many independent, yet simultaneous signals. The Rx array is implemented as an imaging receiver, which provides analog beam forming with the up-conversion technique. On the Tx side, an ultrawideband tunable optical paired sources (TOPS) provides optical beams that are coherently distributed through an optical feed network to each antenna element, which contains one of PSI’s high-speed and high-power photo-detectors. The ultra-wideband operation in the EO up-conversion and OE down-conversion modules offers a common optical processing engine in both Tx and Rx arrays such that they can be used with different (interchangeable) RF front-ends, or RF personalities. Furthermore, swappable modular-based RF front-ends offer a reconfigurable capability for both Tx and Rx arrays, thereby enabling a diverse array of applications.